Meet The VegFest London Committee

A team of dedicated volunteers that lead the planning and organization of VegFest London.

Candice Hicks.jpg


As someone passionate about veganism, Candice is happy to be  the Chair of VegFest London. She has been vegan for over ten years (yes, even before they had figured out good vegan cheese)! She was inspired to go vegan after watching videos of the way people use and exploit non-human animals. Candice loves to bake delicious vegan cupcakes and always attends VegFest to try as many vegan goodies as she can. VegFest is a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together and she is excited to be part of the team that brings it to London!



Abby is a local animal rights activist and organizer with the Worldwide Save Movement. In addition to organizing slaughterhouse vigils, protests and rescues in and around the Forest City, Abby also works the front lines with Toronto Pig Save - aiding them with content creation, video editing and promotion. Abby has been with VegFest since year one and is very excited to continue to help the vegan message grow in London, Ontario.



Kristen has been vegan since 2013.  For the first two VegFests she volunteered and had a wonderful time and met great people. She’s looking forward to being more involved with the committee and growing the London vegan community.

Jay Houghton, Volunteer COORDINATOR


Jay is excited to join the VegFest committee as volunteer coordinator. Jay has been vegan for the animals since 2013, and volunteers regularly at local farm sanctuaries. He’s excited to help promote an ethical vegan lifestyle that puts animals first.

Teresa Ford.jpg


Teresa is passionate about inspiring and motivating people along the path toward veganism. She joined the VegFest London committee because she knows VegFest is a powerful agent for change. And she's excited about the momentum this incredible movement is gaining--paving the way toward a brighter future for all.



Jay is a 52-year-old vegan who has been vegetarian for over 30 years. Jay made the conscious decision to go fully vegan after watching some amazing documentaries, such as Vegucated, Forks Over Knives, and Cowspiracy. As they say, you can’t unlearn what you know, and Jay could no longer justify eating dairy, especially when there are so many amazing alternatives. He was also inspired by Vegfest London 2016, and with the support and encouragement of his wife, Shelagh, they are raising 2 happy and healthy vegan children. Jay feels with education and understanding, the majority of people will one day be vegan.

Susan Campbell.jpg


After a 30 year career in media, Susan is thrilled to be the Public Relations Lead for VegFest London for her third year. She has been vegan for about 3.5 years - her vegan inspiration is her son, Matt. Through him, she has learned so much about veganism, and she continues to be inspired and educated every day. She feels very lucky that both her children and their partners are vegan and she hopes that she can inspire others to learn more and make the switch. VegFest is an amazing community festival - she has attended since the first year and looks forward to helping make this year's event the best one yet!

Jaclyn Carbone.jpg


When Jaclyn first went vegan nearly 3 years ago it was a decision that changed her life. Starting with her diet and slowly moving to replace everything from clothing to hair and cleaning products with vegan-friendly alternatives, she is moving towards creating a life that is completely free of harm to living beings. Jaclyn is also discovering what it means to be an animal rights activist and hopes to encourage others to stand up for the rights of all individuals. She is excited to join the VegFest London team and hopes to use her experience in media to spread the the vegan message to the larger community.



Jackie has been vegan for over three years. She started eating  a vegetarian diet when she was in high school and transitioned to a vegan diet during post-secondary. Having always been interested in food, she thought it made sense to start her vegan journey with her diet. Now, she is learning how to make her wardrobe cruelty free as well. This is her first year on the committee and she is excited to be a part of VegFest London.

Matt Schwab.jpg


After participating in VegFest as an attendee, Matt is excited to be the administrative assistant for VegFest London! Matt became vegan after watching the powerful documentary Earthlings, which helped him understand how speciesism affects the way we perceive non-human animals. He is now an activist, focusing on promoting anti-speciesism. He has been attending the festival for years and has been working with the committee for more than two. Matt is stoked to bring another successful VegFest to London!