About VegFest London

VegFest London is a festival designed to celebrate the plant-based lifestyle & promote compassionate, sustainable & healthy living for all.

The end of the autumn harvest season marks the return of the Forest City’s VegFest; London’s only plant-powered party which brings together vegans and the veg-curious in a celebration of community and compassion. 

Corresponding with World Vegan Month, join us at VegFest London:
Saturday, November 10 2018
10 am  - 6 pm
Western Fair Agriplex
FREE Parking. Admission is $5 (children 12 and under free)

Admission is available at the entrance on event day.

A local offshoot of the global VegFest movement, the goal of London's festival is to “branch out” to others in an effort to “grow” awareness of the impacts our dietary choices have on animals and the greater planet…and of course, to eat a whole lot of greens!


The seeds of change for London’s vegan community were originally sowed in 2013 when VegFest London’s founder, Krista Kankula, attended the Niagara VegFest and Toronto Veg Food Fest and realised the Forest City needed one of its own. Organised by a dedicated group of volunteers, VegFest London is an annual festival which prominently showcases alternative food, health and beauty products that are all vegan. The festival’s educational aims are further achieved through its noteworthy expert speaker panel, live cooking demonstrations and resource area. Londoners of all ages are welcome to attend.  

Since our first VegFest London in 2014, VegFest London has welcomed more than 23,500 attendees, with our largest crowds ever of 7,500 people assembling at VegFest London 2016 & 2017.

VegFest London believes in a kinder and healthier world and we know YOU do too!

Join our plant-powered party for some genuine “food for thought”. We guarantee you’ll be telling your friends afterwards, “orange” you glad you came? ;) 

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Become a part of our growing plant powered community at this year's event! Every year we're gaining momentum and the word keeps spreading! Over 23,500 people have been a part of VegFest London. Will you be there in 2018? Kale yeah!!

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VegFest is open to all people of all ages! We promote love-based outreach. Our goal is to create a family friendly experience where individuals can learn about and celebrate the plant-based lifestyle in a safe and friendly environment. 

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As a true celebration of all that grows from the Earth - we offer a wide variety of some of the finest vegan foods Ontario has to offer! Try health food, junk food or everything in between! We have something for everyone to try!