Written by: Kre’Adiv House


Not yet two years old, PLANT MATTER KITCHEN has already made an enormous IMPACT in the VEGAN MOVEMENT thanks in part to their ETHICS, their CULTURE, and their FOOD!

The first vegan eatery of its kind in Old South’s Wortley Village, Plant Matter Kitchen is committed to:

●        Supporting LOCAL

●        Practising ENVIRONMENTAL stewardship and sustainability

●        Advocating for SOCIAL JUSTICE movements

●        Serving ORGANIC food

●        Providing nourishing, PLANT-BASED fare

 Londoners, Canadian restaurateurs, and vegans around the world love Plant Matter Kitchen because they're GREEN, they're committed to COMMUNITY, they exercise COMPASSION, they serve undeniably DELICIOUS (and healthy!) food, they’re EXPANDING (yay!), and they’re a proud supporter of VEGFEST LONDON!



Plant Matter Kitchen takes GREEN to the next level by serving vegan, organic food that’s free from GMOs and harmful, environmentally-destructive additives. The restaurant also:

●       Utilizes a reverse osmosis WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM

●       Is committed to COMPOSTING

●       Powers their facility with 100% GREEN ELECTRICITY from Bullfrog Power

●       Sells vegan-friendly TEES AND TANKS

For GLENN WHITEHEAD, co-founder of Plant Matter Kitchen and founder of soon-to-open Plant Matter Bistro (read more below), being AS GREEN AS POSSIBLE is an important part of operating a sound, ethical business:

“We really do believe at Plant Matter Kitchen that the energy that goes into the creation of the food is a critical part of the ingredients. So, when you’re using sustainable energy that’s less harmful, that’s committed to a greener world, I think that actually contributes to making food taste better,” says Glenn.


Embedded in the corporate values of Plant Matter Kitchen—and soon Plant Matter Bistro—is GIVING BACK.

Each month, Plant Matter Kitchen hosts a DINNER FOR A CAUSE, which is a prix fixe charity dinner that raises funds and spreads awareness for important causes in conjunction with organizations including Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary, The London Food Bank, CanFix, and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Plant Matter Kitchen works with these organizations, along with a lineup of others, because they’re committed to:

 ●       Supporting the local LONDON COMMUNITY

●        Defending ANIMAL WELFARE

●        Demonstrating to the world that the movement toward veganism is about having COMPASSION, LOVE, and RESPECT for all sentient beings

 Plant Matter Kitchen also celebrates local VEGAN WARRIORS, who likewise support, defend, and demonstrate the tenants of veganism on a daily basis. Abby McCuaig, Debbie Somers, Samantha McPherson, Scott James, and Jason King all have unique stories and experiences that drove them toward veganism. UNITED, they’re making tremendous strides in the movement toward cruelty-free living, loving, and eating!


Plant Matter Kitchen puts GOOD FOOD FIRST.

It’s that simple, and it means that the ingredients they use are:

●        From LOCAL FARMERS (not from cans, jars, or boxes)

●        Free from GMOs and added chemicals

●        Always SEASONAL

●        All LOCAL, All VEGAN, All ORGANIC

Plant Matter Kitchen’s Wortley Road location is open every day of the week to serve guests delicious food. You can also enjoy Plant Matter Kitchen's wide range of PLANT-BASED OFFERINGS from the comfort of your own home with JustEat.

Check out Plant Matter Kitchen’s Breakfast, Sunday Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, and Drink menus. Follow their Facebook and Instagram pages to stay up-to-date with daily lunch and dinner specials—and for photos of their mouthwatering, decadent weekend doughnuts!

WHAT SETS PLANT MATTER KITCHEN APART from every other restaurant in the city?

The fact that the restaurant’s PHILOSOPHICAL TENETS, which extend from their food, support an ETHICALLY ENGAGED and SOCIALLY AWARE community. And best of all—Plant Matter Kitchen serves these delicious meals in a community eatery that WELCOMES EVERYONE, vegans and non-vegans alike.

 Also some great news: a NEW MENU is being released in October!

And the most riveting news of all: they’re EXPANDING!


Get excited, London! To meet a growing need for vegan cuisine in the city, Plant Matter Kitchen will be expanding their operations to London’s downtown core with a second location focusing on fine dining: PLANT MATTER BISTRO!

Bringing you nourishing, quality, pure, vegan, all organic fare, Plant Matter Bistro’s menu options are healthy, wholesome, and global.  

When asked why it was important for him to expand his operations, Glenn responded: 

“The success we’ve seen in Wortley Village tells us that change is upon us; that Londoners are interested in plant-based eating, are committed to living a lifestyle that’s good for their health and the health of the environment, and want to get involved. Plant Matter Bistro is just that—a new operation that feeds our community nourishing food and spreads the philosophy that made Plant Matter Kitchen so popular.” 

Open for lunch and dinner, Plant Matter Bistro will offer dishes that are inspired by the kitchens of France, Italy, Korea, and Mexico. Providing GLOBAL FLAVOURS WITH A LOCAL CONSCIOUS, Plant Matter Bistro plans to serve up empanadas, pot-au-feu, burgers, ravioli, bibimbap, gnocchi, enchiladas, superfood salad, and so much more!

COMING  FALL 2017  to  244 DUNDAS!  Stay tuned for more to come from Plant Matter Bistro on    Facebook    and        Instagram   .

COMING FALL 2017 to 244 DUNDAS! Stay tuned for more to come from Plant Matter Bistro on Facebook and Instagram.


Plant Matter Kitchen will be kicking off VEGFEST LONDON 2017 with a pre-festival dinner in their kitchen, just as they did in 2016 (check out the blog and video for a recap)! 

VEGFEST LONDON is an opportunity for Londoners, Ontarians, Canadians, and citizens of the world to celebrate the importance of: 

●        COMMUNITY


●        EQUALITY for all living beings

●        The ADVANCEMENT OF HEALTH through a plant-based diet

●        LOCAL business and LOCAL love

●        DELICIOUS vegan food

Join Plant Matter Kitchen, the VEGFEST LONDON team, and our entire community in celebrating all things nourishing on Saturday, November 11 at the Western Fair District.

Make sure to stop by Plant Matter Kitchen’s booth to try some tasty treats, help support amazing causes, and chat about ALL THINGS VEGAN!