VegFest London Feature: Chatting with The Boombox Bakeshop

VegFest London is excited to have a “sweet” sponsorship partnership with The Boombox Bakeshop for this year’s festival. The Boombox Bakeshop will be a vendor at VegFest London 2015 and is also our Photo Booth sponsor. Recently Krista sat down with The Boombox Bakeshop owner and mastermind, Alexandra Connon to chat all things cupcakes and TBB! 

Shop Bio

The Boombox Bakeshop is the brain child of Alexandra Connon. With a love for baking, passion for music, and the support of family and friends The Boombox Bakeshop was born. We are a veg-friendly bakery and cafe specializing in vegan goods and gluten free vegan goods- ranging from our signature cupcakes, pop overs and mini pies to other delightful seasonal surprises. We pride ourselves on our unique music themed decor and even have a record swap and drop for fellow music enthusiasts. You’ll never catch us without tunes playing while we are busy baking and serving up drinks and treats for the community. We are also all about supporting local. Whether this means supporting local bands or sourcing our fresh organic produce from local farmers and distributors. Even our coffee is roasted locally and specially blended for the shop. Drop by our location in the Old East Village at 502 Adelaide St North to taste some of our delicious seasonal cupcake flavours. We look forward to meeting you! For more information visit:

What do you offer at The Boombox Bakeshop?

We are a veg-friendly bakery and cafe specializing in vegan goods and gluten free vegan goods- ranging from our signature cupcakes, pop overs(think deluxe vegan pizza pocket) and mini pies to other delightful seasonal surprises ( some examples of rotating and seasonal items include, cookie sandwiches, brownies, rum balls, biscotti, truffles, ice cream sandwiches etc). We also do custom orders for bulk cupcakes and cakes. We’ve done wedding cakes and birthday cakes and everything in between.

Check out The Boombox Bakeshop Menu here.

Where did you get your inspiration when developing The Boombox Bakeshop?

I have been involved in music since I was 4 years old. My mother was a professional opera singer and my father’s family were bakers in Glasgow, Scotland, so I combined my family’s the two passions and created the bakeshop. Street art also inspires me. The name honestly just came to me one night. I love boomboxes and it just fit! My father always wanted to open his own culinary establishment which was also a huge inspiration. 

You have some unique flavours, where do you get your culinary inspiration for new flavours?
We brainstorm new flavour combinations on a regular basis. It is probably one of the most entertaining and creative parts of the job. Our pastry chef, Sarah, did her training in  Baking and Pastry Arts from George Brown College in Toronto. She loves to experiment with exciting new flavour combos, all while keeping things vegan. We also name the cupcakes after music and draw inspiration through that as well; our double vanilla cupcake is named White Walls, our double chocolate is called Sweet Surrender.

It’s probably a tough choice, but do you have a favourite cupcake?

Either the Dough Boy or White Walls.

Is there a flavour that seems to be the most popular amongst customers?

The Dough Boy’ has gone over really well and the Salted Caramel is popular too. We add new flavours every month and the new ones really seem to fly out of the counter.

What has the response been from Londoners so far?

People are really enjoying the space, it has a different feel, it’s comfortable and everyone has been really supportive. It’s a lovely place to hang out with friends, get some work done with our free wifi, or let your kids come be entertained by all the boomboxes and our piano. We have a lot of clients that are vegan or have other special dietary restrictions but we also have lots of customers that are not vegan and are surprised by how good the cupcakes taste. 

In another article you noted that having TBB in Old East Village was great as you felt it was up and coming. What’s your favourite thing about being in the OEV?

The community is so supportive and welcoming.  Even before we opened, we had some challenges with parking and we ended up getting 500 signatures on our petition. People were also sending letters to City Hall in support of our shop opening.

You seem to work with other local small and veg-friendly businesses, from where you source your products to actually selling their products in your shop. Have these partnerships been very intentional?
Yes, we create purposeful partnerships and want to work with other local businesses who have the same mindset as The Boombox Bakeshop. Our connections with the local community and other businesses are an asset to the shop. We appreciate the friendships and promotion other vendors provide us with and we love to help them reach their goals as well. Some examples of other local businesses we work alongside include Eat Green Organics whom we source many of our fresh fruit and veggies from and in return they sell our cupcakes to their clients. Globally Local is another fantastic local organic food delivery company that we recently partnered with. We also get food from Yoda’s Private Catering to sell here as a lunch option alongside our in house made breads. So far we have served vegan gluten free butternut squash soup with fresh focaccia bread, vegan gluten free chili with corn bread and we hope to get asian glass noodle salad in some time soon!

What are you most looking forward to about this year’s VegFest London?

We are really looking forward to being a part of the photo booth! Our logo is already very well known and we are extremely proud of our graphics created by WarPaint Media here in London based off of the work of a brilliant local artist Noel Rieser. All of our boxes are locally produced and designed by Georgette Packaging and we have had customers tell us they recycle the boxes for gift packaging because they love them so much. We’ve even had photoshoots in the shop because of our unique boombox decor. A photo booth is the next fun step! Also being able to meet more people and have them sample our baked goods and get to know  a little more about us. We get a lot of walk ins at the shop and folks are always surprised by how long we’ve been open and that a business like ours exists so close to the Old East Village.There are not many options for vegan and veg friendly desserts in London and we hope to fill a niche market for delicious baked goods that suit all dietary needs. Veg Fest is a terrific opportunity to meet other vendors who cater to the veg community. Also a great chance to rub shoulders with other veg foodies in London and sample some goodies ourselves.

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Now, it’s your turn. What’s your favourite The Boombox Bakeshop cupcake? Share in the comments below. 

If you haven’t been to The Boombox Bakeshop, add it to your list of places to visit in London. They’re now offering flavoured lemonade, iced coffees and other sweet treats to beat the heat; and we all deserve a sweet treat every once in awhile!