Big things often have small beginnings

"Big things often have small beginnings"

This has been my motto for starting VegFest here in London. It's about focusing on moving rocks and not mountains. I want to express my gratitude for the support that has blossomed around VegFest London. Seeing all the likes, shares, comments and even meeting some of you in person at Manits Festival in August and hearing the excitement for VegFest has inspired me even more!

Whether you've liked or shared a photo on social media, RSVP'd to attend VegFest or shared the event with your friends - thank you!

VegFest is about more than just a festival. It's more than just the yummy vegan food that will be served there (Although that's not a bad perk right?). It's about community, compassion and really it's about what Ghandi said best "be the change you wish to see in the world". 

This year is about starting or rather sprouting. This start is only possible because of the support from the community - the volunteers, the vendors, supporters and "cheerleaders" and everyone in between. 

We now have over 33 booths booked with more being added weekly. You can check out our full vendor list here

We have yoga, children's activities, hula hooping, 4 amazing speakers - Marty The Health Guy, Lauren Toyota & John Diemer of hot for food and JoAnne McArthur of We Animals. Let's not forget the cooking demo from Florine owner of Veg Out. You can check out all of the schedule details here

We also have five amazing supporters & sponsors, that I'd like to thank and give a shout out to: Rebirth, Veg Out, TOFU magazine, Organic Works Bakery and UnLondon. 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”
— Ghandi

VegFest London is about that change that we wish to see in this world - more compassion, sustainability, connection and community. Oh and more plants too!

When we think about all of the challenges we face in our own community and in the larger global community, it can feel overwhelming and defeating to say the least. I think if we can aim to shift our focus to the small but mighty and meaningful steps we can make or those "rocks" we can move, can you imagine the impact that would make? The BIG THINGS that could happen.

I'd love to know what "rocks" you have moved or what steps you plan to make. Share in the comments below or connect on Facebook or Twitter.

Krista K.

P.S. If you're into celery-brating. Join us for our pre-festival party, sponsored by Organic Works on October 24. Get all the details here.