Top 10 Reasons to Attend VegFest London - Countdown

Can you believe it, only 10 more days until VegFest London kicks off? Just over a year of planning has gone into this event and it's exciting that each day bring us closer to opening the doors to the very first VegFest here in London, Ontario. 

You may have noticed we love countdowns, so in honour of only 10 more days until VegFest London, we thought we would share the top 10 reasons to attend VegFest London. 

10. Swag Bags

To celebrate the first VegFest London we are giving out swag bags to the first 500 attendees. The doors open to the festival at 10 am and if you find yourself in the first 500 you'll be treated to a goodie bag with a VegFest London tattoo and coupons and treats from our festival vendors.