Top 10 Reasons to attend VegFest London - #3

Meet Community Groups & Organization working towards positive change

From access to local organic produce, to advocating for compassion towards animals and providing sanctuary to rescued animals, VegFest London will feature 20 community group vendors. 

If you are interested in learning more about healthy eating, access to organic produce, want to meet others in the vegan community or advocate on behalf of animals, visit the following vendors at the festival and learn how you can get involved. 

When we believe in something and want to make positive change, it's important that we vote with our dollars based on those beliefs and get involved. At VegFest London you'll have a chance to do exactly that and conveniently all in one place!

Here's a full list of community group vendors:

Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary
Animal Outreach  
Toronto Pig Save 
Western Ontario Vegan Society 
Mercy For Animals Canada  
Toronto Vegetarian Association 
We Animals 
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Hoppy Hearts Rabbit Rescue 
Treats 4 Love 
London Food Co-op
Globally Local
In Motion Community Challenge 
Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP)
Food Not Lawns London Canada  
Saving Lives with Forks and Knives
Planting Seeds 
Vegup London 
The Nurturing Centre 
Urban Ecosystems 

What area of the community are you looking to get more involved in? What change would you like to be part of?

Comment in the section below and then connect with the community groups on Saturday, October 25 at VegFest London.