Summertime: Potlucks, Patios, Pool Parties & More

Can you believe it, tomorrow marks the first day of summer. After a long winter I'm sure we can all appreciate the sunshine and warm days ahead. Summer is the time of year where our gatherings move outdoors to pools, beaches, parks, backyards and patios. We gather for potlucks, parties, family reunions, picnics, barbecues and more. Below we move on to the tips -  don't forget if you're looking for something to do tomorrow, check our Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary's Open House. This is a great chance to meet the animals that have been rescued and call this place home.

Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary Open House

Now on to to the pool parties, potlucks, barbecues and great outdoors...

Here are some tips and ideas to help you enjoy all of these fun summer gatherings and still be able to take part in the food festivities:

  1. Talk to the host in advance of the gathering and offer to bring some food to share with everyone.
  2. If the host insists on preparing all of the meals, share your dietary restrictions or preferences with them and even some recipes to inspire them.
  3. If it's a BBQ and you want to take part - make it a veggie burger. There are tons (and I mean tons) of recipes for homemade veggie burgers. Here are two of my favourites: Our perfect veggie burger from Oh She Glows Maple Sweet Potato Pecan Burger from the Tolerant Vegan
  4. Take advantage of all of the fresh local produce that's now in season and make a summer salad or dish with local flair.
  5. If you get invited to the beach in a pinch, prepare a smoothie with frozen bananas or take some fresh fruit and some nuts to tie you over.
  6. Host your own get together and treat your friends and family to a plant powered vegan meal that may even silence the toughest critics.

In my experiences whether it's been a potluck at work or family dinner, most are willing to try the vegan dishes I bring and a lot end up asking for the recipe afterwards. Food brings people together and I feel this is a really great approach to introducing people to what vegan food really is. We all know it's more than tofu dogs and oreos right?

Now, I'd love to hear from you, what tips or ideas do you have for sharing and enjoying healthy vegan food poolside or on the BBQ? Comment below or hop on to TwitterFacebook or Instagram - where ever you feel like connecting and share your ideas.