VegFest Movement

Yes it's a movement. After all Ontario has 5 veg-focused festivals scheduled for this year, pretty awesome right? As a few of these festivals served as inspiration for London's and paved the way for other VegFests to sprout up, I wanted to give a well-deserved shout out to these incredible and inspiring events. My favorite aspect of the festivals is the opportunity for connection and conversation.

As you might expect the food is amazing, but you'll also meet awesome people and be inspired too! Admission is free at each of these festivals, in case you needed an added incentive to attend. Each festival offers different opportunities to get involved - whether you want to volunteer, be an exhibitor or sponsor or participate in the event as an attendee. Be sure to add these festivals to your calendar for an e-vegfull spring, summer and fall.

Niagara VegFest Photo Credit: Terry McKenzie-Trzecak

Niagara VegFest - St. Catharines - June 1,

Hamilton Veggie Fest - June 14,

Vegetarian Food Festival - Toronto - September 5-7,

Guelph Vegfest - September 21, London - October 25, 2014

Though not scheduled for 2014, it looks like Ottawa's VegFest will be back in 2015.

Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival 2013
Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival 2013

So far I've only attended Niagara's and Toronto's events, but this year I'll be adding Hamilton's and Guelph's to my calendar.

Have you attended one of the VegFest's before? If so what was your favourite part?